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A Holistic View of Payments

FIS helps financial institutions simplify and enrich lives by removing friction across the payments ecosystem. PaymentsOne can help deliver all your payments requirements; account to account or card.

Real-Time Payments Around the World
FIS’ fifth annual edition of Flavors of Fast is the premier industry report examining trends in global real-time payments. 2018 marks the first year we’re seeing faster payments move beyond speed. Overlay services that run on real-time rails have created new possibilities for global faster payments in 2018.
Case Study: Empowering Change
Eftpos, Australia’s number one debit card scheme, needed to modernise its infrastructure. Learn how FIS helped eftpos implement change and achieve success.
FIS Solutions
Visit FIS at Sibos Booth F49 to discover a wide range of payments solutions that are faster, better and more cost-effective resulting in operational efficiencies.
FIS PaymentsOne

A comprehensive suite of payments solutions used by national schemes, financial institutions and merchants for both account-to-account and account-to-card payments.

A full range of real-time, ACH payments processing and open API management solutions including our market-leading high-volume payments hub used by global tier one customers.

Our solutions also include high-volume and speed switching engines, device driving and gateway services. The FIS card issuing engine covers the full lifecycle including debit, credit and prepaid. In addition, we offer solutions for merchant processing, and operations including reconciliation, settlement, fraud monitoring and business analytics.

FIS IntelliMatch Operational Control

Our robust, industry-leading reconciliation and data integrity solution automates message and payment scheme validation, payment investigation and dispute resolution, and liquidity, position and limit monitoring. With integrated exception management and best practice processes, the solution ensures payment integrity, enables accurate funding decisions, increases operational efficiency and lowers costs, while improving cash management and customer service.

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FIS Corporate Actions

Disseminate competitive data from non-competitive data for higher profits and lower risks. Turn everyday data into a competitive advantage. Our XSP Software is a solution for data overload. End-to-end automation, streamlines processes and reduces risk. The “golden copy” of corporate actions data, XSPertise Software ensures timely, complete and accurate information on corporate actions.

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New 2018 Flavors of Fast Report

Learn How Overlay Services Redefine What’s Possible

Flavors of Fast is a premier payments industry report examining trends in global real-time payments schemes. From mobile apps to real-time insurance payments, value-added overlay services that run on payment rails have increased the ubiquity, functionality and value of instant, beyond speed. With so many faster payment schemes emerging, now is a good time to take stock of what’s happening, where and how.