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As the world gets back to business, the commercial lending industry is cautiously optimistic – planning for growth but still wary of the risks. It’s time to recognize what‘s in your control and make the changes that will future-proof your operations.

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Future-proof Lending Today

In unpredictable times, commercial lenders face relentless credit risk and an uncertain future. For profitable growth, you must get on top of what you can still control, from costs to risk assessment. But with disjointed, inefficient systems, do you have a strong enough grip on your operations?

It’s time to take control of the entire lending life cycle and accelerate your digital transformation from end to end.

Automate or eliminate low-value tasks. Flag the earliest signs of defaults. And get more insight into every customer and deal. Now you’re in the strongest position to improve your margins, manage credit risk and differentiate your services.

Are you ready to solve the future of lending?

Global spend on Commercial Lending Origination and Servicing IT:




* IDC worldwide banking IT spending guide August 2020


  • WHAT

    Take the future-proof commercial lending test.

    In the face of relentless credit risk and unpredictable markets, you can't leave your digital transformation to chance. So, does your commercial lending platform have what it takes to support future growth, no matter what?

    Take our quick quiz to find out. Answer six simple questions about your systems, processes and technology providers – and see whether you’re on top of your ops or if there’s room for improvement.

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  • WHY

    See why commercial lending’s digital future doesn’t start and end with workflow.

    There’s no doubt that a robust workflow engine is critical to automating lending processes from end to end. But powerful workflow capabilities should only be a part of your digital solution, not the whole story.

    Find out more in this blog post, which explains the dangers of looking at complex commercial lending processes from a purely workflow perspective. Discover the most critical outputs of a lending transformation program – and the importance of domain expertise to a future-proof platform.

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  • HOW

    Take five steps to a future-proof commercial lending platform.

    Even in the most uncertain times, there’s a lot that today’s commercial lenders can control about their future – not least their systems and processes. So, don’t leave your operations to fate; shape your destiny with our tip sheet.

    Get expert advice on how to build a lending platform you can trust. And learn the five key characteristics of a truly future-proof toolset for modern commercial lending.

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