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In uncertain times, knowledge is power to commercial lenders. But forget everything you thought you knew about your customers’ financial health. As change accelerates, only continuous, proactive monitoring can help you stay on top of credit quality.

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It Pays to Outpace Change

The world of commercial lending is changing. In 2021, you’ll need to move faster to manage credit deterioration, margin pressure and the move to new interest rate benchmarks. And if you’re going to drive growth, you must keep up with customer expectations, too, by both delivering a modern digital experience and understanding their needs.

So, to stay ahead of the game, you have to remain focused on what you do best – customer acquisition, account management and risk control. That means taking digital change beyond business as usual to not only know your customers better but also get more insight into every deal.

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  • WHAT

    See what’s stopping lenders from changing and adding value.

    In uncertain times, it’s more challenging than ever for lenders to add value – to their margins, to their portfolios and, above all, for their customers. So, what’s standing in the way of delivering differentiated services, sealing higher-quality deals and driving profitable growth?

    Our blog post lifts the lid on the operational obstacles that make it harder to manage deteriorating credit, ever-decreasing margins and an unpredictable economic environment. It also explains why you don’t have to transform your whole operation in one go.

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  • WHY

    Build digital transformation in commercial lending.

    The impacts of digital transformation are all around us. And for lenders, the motives for going digital may seem obvious. But beyond the immediate advantages of faster, more convenient services, there are deeper reasons for ditching legacy systems and manual processes.

    With four clear benefits for your operations, our trend sheet makes a stronger case than ever for lending transformation. Learn why change matters – and discover innovative ways to satisfy customers, enable growth and gain competitive advantage.

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  • HOW

    Define your approach to replacing LIBOR.

    By 2022, new interest rate benchmarks like SOFR and SONIA will have taken LIBOR’s place. And for commercial lenders, these risk-free rates (RFRs) will also introduce new servicing challenges.

    Learn how to cut through these mathematical and operational complexities with our tip sheet. Weigh up the different options for calculation and billing – and see which four key objectives your loan servicing solution must meet for accurate, timely RFR calculations.

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