Webinar: Energy Market Trends – Mitigate Risk and Modernize for Business Growth

Presented by FIS®, this insights-filled webinar explores the significant challenges energy firms face today – market volatility, cyber-attacks, increasing regulatory pressure, and climate change policies.

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About the Event

The demands for accountability across energy markets is causing firms to ramp up sustainability progress and performance for ESG.

Our panel of leading industry experts discuss the market trends with a focus on governance associated with ESG, together with the latest initiatives that will create opportunities for growth – a topic increasingly top-of-mind throughout the energy community.

Meet the Speakers


Paula Harris

Global Senior Oil and Gas Executive and Author and board member of The Vessel Group


Brendan Heck

VP Environmental, Social & Governance at UGI Corporation


Michael Prokop

Managing Director, Digital Transformation Strategy and Business Development at The Alliance Risk Group, LLC


Why You Should Attend

Get the insights you need to rethink your approach to energy trading, risk and logistics.

  • What are the market trends set to influence energy firms in 2022?
  • ESG regulation – what impact will the adoption of green credentials have?
  • How best to mitigate risk in the light of cyber threats
  • How technology innovation can maximize growth while minimizing costs
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