Welcome to the Client information site for the FIS rebranding project. Here you will find a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) addressing the rebranding of our products and solutions. If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

What is Solution Rebranding?

FIS has been on a multiyear journey to transform our portfolio and capabilities to enable us, and our clients, to capitalize on growth opportunities at a time of rapid marketplace change. Our goal with our clients is no less than it is for ourselves – to help them use technology in innovative ways to become leaders in their respective industries. And the aim is for FIS to become a Fortune 100 company known for our ability to deliver connection and innovation. To achieve these ambitions, we’ve been strategically investing to build our brand.

A key part of the FIS brand strategy is recognizing the breadth and speciality of our products and solutions. Capitalizing on that strength requires a standard approach to nomenclature (a naming system of based on set of simple, logical rules).

That’s where the Solution Rebranding comes in. It’s the next step in the evolution of FIS Capital Markets’ offerings. It involves the renaming of our products and solutions in line with a Masterbrand strategy by applying a standard naming convention comprised of Enterprise (FIS) + a Descriptive Term + a Modifier.

This initiative has been in the planning stages for several months and we’ll follow a phased approach to introduce the new names over the next year. To help preserve the strong brand recognition associated with many of our products and solutions, the current name will be retained alongside the new name during a 12-month transition period.

Why are we rebranding our Capital Markets solutions?

The solution rebranding initiative is designed to:

  • Build strong brand perception around a single brand, FIS, across all financial services, including the capital markets
  • Create a brand architecture for Capital Markets Solutions that supports our strategy for growth –innovative products and solutions that enhance the client experience
  • Apply a disciplined and codified approach to naming our products and solutions so they’re more intuitive and meaningful to our clients, and more accurately describe the functions they perform to meet our clients’ needs
  • Simplify and streamline the Capital Markets existing portfolio of over 160 solution brands

Research tells us that using more intuitive language improves understanding and navigation of a product portfolio. For example, consider the offerings of the United State Postal Service versus United Parcel Service (UPS):


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What are the new names for our solutions?

The tables below reflect the products that have been rebranded to date. The remaining product names are not approved for release at this time. As we approach each phase, we will update this section.

Asset Management & Alternatives
new names for Asset Management & Alternatives
2 Suite component, which is also available as a standalone product

Cleared Derivatives
new names for Cleared Derivatives
2 Suite component, which is also available as a standalone product

Cross Asset Trading & Risk
new names for Cross Asset Trading Risk
2 Suite component, which is also available as a standalone product

Risk Credit & Lending
Risk Credit & Lending
2 Suite component, which is also available as a standalone product   3Not sold separately

Securities Finance & Processing
Securities Finance & Processing

Securities Finance & Processing

Securities Finance & Processing
2 Standalone Product 3 Not sold separately 5 Firms that only process commercial paper
6Firms that process commercial paper and more aspects of the system *Core suite components

Trading & Compliance
Trading & Compliance

Trading & Compliance

Trading & Compliance
2 Suite component, which is also available as a standalone product 3 Not sold separately 7 An overarching name for the Trading suite of products.

Corporate Liquidity
Corporate Liquidity
2 Suite component, which is also available as a standalone product 8 Now a single solution for previously separate versions of banks/corporates



2 Suite component, which is also available as a standalone product 3 Not sold separately

When will the new names start to apply?

We are taking a phased approach to this process. Client’s will be notified just prior to the change being implemented.


How will we connect the new name to the old name?

Recognizing the equity we’ve established with many solutions, we’ll continue to utilize the former name of the product or solution for tier 1 products for a full 12 months following the introduction of the new name.
During the 12-month transition, the new name will be presented first, followed by the old name the first time it appears in each piece of collateral or on a web page:

  • FIS + Descriptive Term + Modifier – formerly old name
  • Here’s an example of the treatment on a sample product sheet before and after the rebranding:


How will the new names be changed across FIS?

Our solution names appear in many places, including web and print assets, and on system interfaces. We will be transitioning our external marketing materials and websites in the initial phase. Updated User Guides and Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) will be rolled out once a product is live with the new nomenclature and will be included within a designated release.

What do I need to do as part of this initiative?

As a client of FIS, there is nothing that you need to do.

Where can I go for more information?

For more information please reach out to [email protected]