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Get a Global View of IFRS 17

How are the world’s different regions and company types progressing with the new accounting standard – and adding value along the way? Check out our eBook for insights into global readiness, from the webinar by FIS and Chartis Research.

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Go around the world with IFRS 17 and explore opportunities for transformation and added value.

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Insurers in more than 100 countries must comply with IFRS 17 by 2023. Get our expert take on how to meet both the standard’s demands and your own strategic objectives in good time for compliance.


Unpuzzle IFRS 17

By viewing IFRS 17 as a jigsaw and assembling it piece by piece, you can more easily solve your reporting requirements.

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Ride the Seoul Train

With many obstacles to surmount, discover the secrets of South Korea’s success as an early
adopter of IFRS 17.

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Tap Our Expertise

With IFRS 17 proving even more challenging than expected, learn from our experience of implementation projects.

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What IF You Had the Best IFRS 17 Solutions?

FIS’ Prophet solution suite has already helped many leading insurers implement IFRS 17 and model their business under the new accounting standard. Check out the award-winning, pioneering products that ease our clients’ path to compliance.


Growing through IFRS 17

We’re helping TAL expand while tackling complex regulations with our end-to-end platform.

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Integrating Finance

Connect and complete
IFRS 17 reporting processes with our dedicated subledger.

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Supporting Change

Prophet is helping Shinhan Life
through both a big company
merger and IFRS 17.

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