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Solve All Your Risk Challenges

Insurance risk management has a packed agenda. While the pandemic has tested traditional working practices, models and pricing, insurers face a longer-term challenge: to improve insight into their business and its ability to withstand a crisis. But there’s also no let up in the pressure to prepare for IFRS 17, LDTI and new solvency regimes.

You need to cover all these bases without compromise. Build resilience as well as achieving compliance. Quickly adapt to market change but maintain operational control. Process and analyze large volumes of actuarial data anytime and anywhere. And futureproof models and operations against the next global crisis.

What if you could do it all with one system?


  • WHAT

    Test the strength of your insurance risk management operations.

    In light of the pandemic, insurers need to carry out a top-to-bottom review of the resilience of their risk modeling practices. But what exactly will it take to reinforce your approach and be able to model the next extreme event?

    Equip yourself for the challenges ahead with our tip sheet. Discover the secrets of building stronger actuarial models that meet new solvency demands. And get great reasons to modernize your operations, with innovative technology that offers both flexibility and control.

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  • WHY

    Recognize the power of a purpose-built actuarial and risk management system.

    In recent years, insurance risk management teams around the world have focused a lot of effort on meeting the reporting requirements of IFRS 17 and LDTI. Now, the pandemic has brought their attention sharply back to the core issue of solvency.

    In a new blog post, learn why only the most powerful actuarial and risk management solutions are equipped to manage both sets of challenges. Wouldn’t you rather have a system that can really do it all?

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  • HOW

    Bring together your systems and teams to tackle whatever the future might hold.

    Once upon a time, there was a life insurance company with a big challenge called IFRS 17. And to meet this daunting rule, the firm’s actuaries and accountants had to face their fears and work more closely together.

    It’s a familiar tale. But in this instance there’s an unexpected twist.

    Read our short case story to learn how a knight in shining armor with two secret weapons came to the rescue of our intrepid insurer – and led a joint, futureproof approach to achieving compliance, connectivity and control.

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