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Solve All Your Risk Challenges

Insurance risk management has a packed agenda. While the pandemic has tested traditional working practices, models and pricing, insurers face a longer-term challenge: to improve insight into their business and its ability to withstand a crisis. But there’s also no let up in the pressure to prepare for IFRS 17, LDTI and new solvency regimes.

You need to cover all these bases without compromise. Build resilience as well as achieving compliance. Quickly adapt to market change but maintain operational control. Process and analyze large volumes of actuarial data anytime and anywhere. And futureproof models and operations against the next global crisis.

What if you could do it all with one system?


of insurers expect new solvency regulations


admit they need to upgrade their risk models

Source: 2021 FIS Readiness Report


  • WHAT

    In a new global survey, 200 insurers agree that solvency is a rising priority.

    With economic recovery from the pandemic now in sight, insurers around the world are turning their attention to the next potential crisis – and more to the point, their ability to withstand it.

    But as firms renew their focus on capital management, they are also questioning their solvency and risk modeling capabilities. With insights from FIS’ latest research, see the shape and scale of the challenge in our new infographic.

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  • WHY

    Solvency is under new pressure. How are your actuarial models standing up?

    As well as working hard to meet new accounting standards like IFRS 17 and LDTI, insurers around the world are gearing up to protect their business against a more complex combination of risks.

    So, will your actuarial models survive the extreme event – or should you reset your approach to insurance risk management?

    Find out fast in our short new animated video. Press play now and learn why solvency modeling is a challenge you need to address.

  • HOW

    Prepare for a new world of risk modeling by strengthening your approach.

    The pandemic has tested insurance risk systems to the limit but its lessons go beyond operational resiliency. As regulators continue to place more emphasis on stress testing, there’s a growing need to for models to better mimic a true crisis and capture the correlation between risks.

    Will you be able to comply? Find out more in our blog post – and learn what it could take to make future solvency and risk models fit for purpose.

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