Hit Your LDTI Objectives

With the deadline delayed, you may now have extra time to implement Long Duration Targeted Improvements (LDTI) to U.S. GAAP. But the challenge remains as big and complex as ever. Get a head start now and achieve actuarial innovation with our eBook.

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Learn how the latest technology can add speed and sophistication – without your paying out for more processing power.

Prophet Is the Leading IFRS 17 and LDTI Solution

In Chartis’ IFRS 17 and LDTI report, we lead all three categories – for modeling, accounting and data systems.

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Look to Add Real Value to LDTI Compliance

LTDI introduces fundamental changes to U.S. GAAP calculations and reporting, but it also gives you the potential to improve your operations.
Turn the LDTI delay to your advantage by exploring the challenges and opportunities of regulatory change.


Benefit from the Delay

With LDTI’s effective date now expected to be pushed back another year, learn how to make best use of the extra time.

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The Best Tools for the Job

Explore the emerging technologies that can help you simplify workflow and data management under LDTI.

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Six Steps to Compliance

Make sure your actuarial systems don’t miss complex LDTI objectives – or multiple chances to add value.

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Prepare for LDTI with the Right Platform

FIS’ Prophet not only enables you to report accurately under LDTI, it also reduces operational risk and improves reporting timelines and insight. So, you can look beyond minimum compliance requirements to find greater business benefits.


Get Moving on LDTI

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End-to-end LDTI Platform

See how we’ve been developing our solution over the last 18 months to help U.S. insurers.


LDTI without Compromise

Gain flexibility and control with Prophet’s single platform for LDTI reporting.

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