For your restaurant, fuel or convenience store business to thrive, your payments journey has to run smoothly at every stage. At FIS, we can help you ease compliance, automate processes, reduce costs across the board, and so much more.

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Customer-centric Payment Solutions

Whether you’re a restaurant, filling station or convenience store owner, FIS has the technology and deep payments experience to drive your future business success. From meeting – and exceeding customer expectations to increasing operational efficiency, we’ve got you covered


say digital transformation is most critical to improving business agility. Restaurant Dive, 2020


  • Boost loyalty

    Differentiate through customer experience

    Tailor customer experiences to increase loyalty, repeat visits and in-store sales.

    Alternative Payment Methods (APMs)
    Let customers pay their way and optimize authorization rates by accepting over 300 APMs.

    Premium Payback
    Connect your stores with consumers looking to redeem loyalty points as currency at your register.

    Retail Rewards
    Identify loyal customers, track their spending and send them targeted promotional offers.

    Prepaid cards
    Prepaid not only offers easy ways for customers to pay, but also enables restaurants to provide employees with benefits like early wage access, same-day tip-out, and payroll cards rather than checks.

  • Extract insights

    Gain actionable insights

    Understand your customers and your business better through data.

    Easily harness the power of your data with insightful visualizations, reporting and analytics.

    Discover how Ethos is the foundation for a consolidated data experience that provides speed, efficiency, and ease of access to all types of data to help you thrive as you transform the end-user experience.

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  • Lower costs

    Keep more of your revenue

    Reduce interchange fees and operational costs through automation.

    Integrated Payables
    Streamline the payments process to cut internal labor costs and the cost of printing and mailing checks.

    Decrease interchange fees with our industry-leading interchange rates on point of sale, e-commerce and on-demand payments.

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