Have Your Data Pay Dividends

Even experts need XSPertise

For decades, corporate actions have relied on manual input to process everything from the most complex rights offering to the simplest cash dividend leading to increased risk and decreased profits. Now XSPertise is changing the way corporate actions data is viewed. XSPertise data cleansing decreases risk, increases efficiencies and creates a more satisfied end customer.

FIS™ Corporate Actions XSPertise


Dramatic increases in the complexity and volume of corporate actions events have introduced inefficient manual processes and greater exposure to operational, financial and reputational risk.

FIS™ Corporate Actions XSPertise, part of the FIS’ Corporate Actions solution, manages the corporate actions process for you, helping to reduce total cost of ownership, minimize risk and turn everyday data into a competitive edge.


Your corporate actions team may have only had a few events today, but can be changing tens of data points for each event.

There is a multiplier effect between the number of events and the number of data points each analyst needs to review.

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According to PWC, there will be 20 times more data in 2020. No wonder 81 percent of banking CEOs are concerned about the speed of technological change.

Data needs to be managed, clients are asking for more, operations budgets are being reduced and regulators are looking for answers.

You have experts, but everyone can benefit from our XSPertise.

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Discover how FIS is empowering our clients’ corporate actions operations

At this global bank, a decentralized corporate actions organization had contributed to more than $3 million in risk exposure and financial losses in just a six-month period. FIS helped create a long-term vision with the potential to save the bank more than $12 million.