Quickly Detect and Respond to Cyber Attacks.

FIS Endpoint Threat Detection (ETD) detects the threats your prevention tools miss and provides the expert resources to remedy any threats, significantly improving your organization’s endpoint visibility, detection, and response capabilities.

24/7 Threat Monitoring
FIS Endpoint Threat Detection continuously monitors and analyzes your endpoints, users, and network activity in search of threatening behaviors, patterns, and signatures.

Expert Investigation
FIS’ analysts triage and investigate every potential threat to identify the true threats and eliminate the burden of false positives.

Rapid Incident Management
FIS Endpoint Threat Detection provides detailed and actionable context with every confirmed threat. Quarantine and respond rapidly, regardless of where affected systems are located.

In-depth Reporting
Thorough, easy-to-understand reporting provides you with information on what happened, how far an attack progressed, and what users and endpoints were affected.


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