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Harnessing the Value of the Cloud

Many corporate treasury teams were unprepared for the pandemic. Without the latest digital technology, they struggled to handle volatility, remote working and soaring cybersecurity risk. Treasurers also saw their existing challenges intensify, from working capital to investment management.

As treasury teams look to the future, many are accelerating their move to digital technology. Cloud-based solutions and managed service offerings can speed up implementation.

The cloud is more than a deployment model – it also gives you more resilient and secure operations. With the right partner, you can harness cloud solutions to lower your operating costs, maximize your ROI and drive your treasury forward.


  • WHAT

    Understand the value of a cloud-based treasury system.

    In today’s climate, there are more reasons than ever to adopt a cloud-based treasury management system. But while the crisis might be prompting you to invest in digital solutions, it’s also important to make the right decisions.

    So, what do you need to think about when moving to the cloud? From pinning down the value of a cloud system to choosing the right technology partner, here are five things to consider.

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  • WHY

    Protect your organization from escalating cybersecurity threats.

    Remote work has introduced new vulnerabilities, while cyberattacks have become more frequent and more varied. It’s no surprise that most treasuries are currently planning cybersecurity initiatives – but many projects are not yet underway.

    Cloud-based treasury management solutions can help protect your assets and data. But it’s essential to work with technology partners that invest heavily in cybersecurity – which is why you also need to ask potential providers some tough questions.

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  • HOW

    Get a quicker ROI on your digital treasury initiatives.

    In today’s challenging market, treasurers understand why they should invest in the cloud. But not all cloud systems are alike – and as companies expand, they sometimes find their existing systems are no longer a good fit for the business.

    Whether you’re adopting a cloud solution for the first time or replacing an existing treasury management system, it’s important to maximize the value of your investment. Read our Q&A with two FIS experts to find out how you can get a quicker ROI on your digital treasury initiatives.

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