In which areas are you experiencing the greatest increase in the demands placed on your risk management capabilities?

You have to think beyond functional needs.

–Steve Wiley, Vice President, Treasury Solutions, FIS

Steve Wiley

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To enable growth while managing risk effectively, finance leaders now need to take three actions:

Modernize with the cloud

Cloud technology solutions will be the most important tool for addressing competing priorities – from pursuing growth to managing risk and improving productivity.

Why? Cloud provides an affordable and scalable infrastructure that is particularly powerful in an uncertain market. It gives you room to maneuver, enabling you to pursue exciting goals in areas such as data and modernization, while giving you the agility to address challenges such as market volatility, new regulatory requirements and cost constraints.


Where are corporations investing in the year ahead?


Cloud solutions


Data and analytics


Modernized advanced systems

Your cloud strategy can actually help you achieve many of your business objectives.

–Tara Winters, Global Head of Capital Markets Managed Services, FIS

Tara Winters

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Exploit the potential of digital

Almost every respondent will increase their investment in digital technologies in the next 12 months. Whether they are focused on data analytics or machine learning, the reason is clear: digital allows you to pursue growth while managing risk and improving control.



of finance function leaders will invest in digital technologies over the next 12 months

The top three drivers


Business growth


Reduced fraud risk


Improved control and visibility

Digital is especially important for the 44% of firms that feel they cannot effectively deliver new data or artificial intelligence capabilities, and the 43% that cannot effectively integrate or interface with internal and external platforms.

Digitalization enables you to pursue new business models, keeping you ahead of the competition.

–Keith Cowart, Product Marketing Manager, FIS

Keith Cowart

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Turn to managed services
for sustainable growth

As finance leaders look to enable long-term growth, a third of organizations plan to increase their reliance on Business Process as a Service (BPaaS).

That means moving entire elements of their function into the cloud, where a third-party provider with specialist expertise and economies of scale can drive increased efficiency and productivity. This type of infrastructure will become increasingly critical as growth accelerates.


Will your part of the business increase its reliance on BPaaS over the next 12 months?






Credit and collections

BPaaS reduces more than just operational costs – it also reduces your time to value.

–Thomas Jerolitsch, General Manager Enterprise Treasury, FIS

Thomas Jerolitsch

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