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Stay Compliant and Competitive

The pace of regulatory change is relentless, and the penalties for non-compliance are severe. But across the trade life cycle, a mixture of manual processes, disparate legacy systems, limited resources and rising costs can stop you from delivering timely, complete and accurate reports.

Your mission is clear. You need a robust standard control framework for regulations that covers all elements of the data management spectrum – from reconciliation, corporate actions processing and pricing and to managing securities master data.

Only then can you demonstrate total data integrity for every post-trade regulatory requirement and stay competitive in a changing global market.

But where do you start?


  • WHAT

    Map out data-related challenges for compliance.

    Wherever your firm is based in the world, you’re bound to run into a post-trade regulation. From Canada down to Australia, you’re immediately in scope of another region’s rules as soon as you invest in its securities.

    Make a whistle-stop trip of the greatest compliance challenges in our world map infographic. Find out what this dizzying list of acronyms and abbreviations might entail – and discover what problems they could present for your regulatory data.

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  • WHY

    Assess the integrity of your regulatory reporting data.

    For consistent compliance, you need complete confidence in the information you report. And as post-trade regulations continue to multiply, that kind of certainty isn’t possible without a strong data integrity strategy.

    So, how close are you to a truly strategic approach to data management? Find out in just a few minutes by taking our quiz. Answer seven simple questions – and see why it’s so vital to master the processes that control your regulatory reporting data.

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  • HOW

    Make digital plans for regulatory data management.

    In the new age of information, technology is changing fast and taking data management processes to an increasingly digital future. You don’t want your operations to be left behind – or you could lose control of your data.

    Move ahead of the pack with our trend sheet. Learn how digitization is reshaping the data ecosystem to help you deliver the right information for reporting and analytics, provide a strong foundation for compliance – and make sounder strategic decisions.

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