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Turn Values into Value

The opportunity of sustainable investing is huge, with demand expected to double over the next five years. To capture just a portion of that growth, you must demonstrate a measurable sustainable investment strategy to your investors. But with regulations and reporting standards still evolving, it’s hard to substantiate the claims being made by the companies seeking your investment dollars.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and other advances will speed up the aggregation, analysis and presentation of data. You’ll get trusted information in near real time – so you can make quicker and better decisions and deliver reliable, usable communications to your values minded investors.


  • WHAT

    Successful ESG strategy execution depends on modernized infrastructure and proven expertise.

    Today’s investor wants the dollars they commit to support companies that exhibit respect for the environment, humanity and fair play. But they’re not willing to settle for a lower rate of return. You can earn their business by offering high-yielding options that conform to their values.

    Making sense of the ESG-related data that’s flooding the market may seem insurmountable. Find out how advanced technology is being applied to help hedge fund managers quickly blend financial metrics with this new non-financial information.

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  • WHY

    Positive actions mean positive results – for all.

    It’s hard to deny that the earth and its inhabitants deserve better treatment, and investors agree. Their money talks, and the market is listening. Slowly and steadily, they’re being rewarded with performance that meets or beats non-ESG investments.

    While society and investors benefit, hedge fund firms have a golden opportunity. Find out how you can apply technology to the data challenges that may be slowing your competitors down. You’ll attract investors looking for ESG-friendly choices, which will translate into increased AUM.

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  • HOW

    The risk and rewards of ESG investing: How to achieve success.

    A great exercise is to look at your own firm’s sustainability and ask yourself some tough questions. You’ll be surprised at how much light it sheds on the modern investor’s perception of rewards. And truly walking the walk positions you as a serious contender for managing their money.

    The work might seem even harder as you try to sort your way through great piles of data full of inconsistencies and unsubstantiated claims. Find out about the innovations that are making the job faster, more efficient and more cost effective.

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