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Turn Values into Value

The opportunity of sustainable investing is huge, with demand expected to double over the next five years. To capture just a portion of that growth, you must demonstrate a measurable sustainable investment strategy to your investors. But with regulations and reporting standards still evolving, it’s hard to substantiate the claims being made by the companies seeking your investment dollars.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and other advances will speed up the aggregation, analysis and presentation of data. You’ll get trusted information in near real time – so you can make quicker and better decisions and deliver reliable, usable communications to your values minded investors.


  • WHAT

    In this video, Erika Karp of Pathstone explores the driving forces behind ESG, the barriers and what we can all expect

    According to Pathstone’s chief impact officer, investment dynamics are changing, all leading to the current demand for sustainability. In this interview by Martin Boyd, president, fintech solutions, FIS, Karp cites a confluence of factors including the rapid dissemination of information and misinformation by social media, the current transfer of wealth, and society’s array of crises in areas such as the economy, public health and climate change.

    Find out one expert’s view on why ESG matters, and the transparency, accountability and discipline it will take to overcome the obstacles.

  • WHY

    Blog: In Light of Inconsistent ESG Regulations, Here’s Why the Hedge Fund Industry Is Turning to AI

    Ever since the United Nations published its Principles for Responsible Investing in 2006, governmental bodies the world over have been working to translate those principles into law. In this blog, the author takes a look at the progress that’s been made in some regions, as well as the roadblocks in others.

    Despite the inconsistencies in regulatory mandates, the hedge fund industry can’t ignore the momentum; investors are increasingly demanding ESG choices. This leaves hedge fund managers trying to figure out what makes one company sustainable and another guilty of greenwashing. Find out how AI can play an important role in helping you discern the difference.

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  • HOW

    Infographic: How to Choose the Right ESG Strategy

    Developing the right ESG strategy begins with a clear understanding of current market metrics and future projections related to sustainable investing. A review of the different strategies being used by your peers can also provide guidance on how to set your course for growth now that environmental, social and governance factors have to come into play.

    Our infographic provides facts and statistics to put the rapid changes into perspective and lead you to the right plan for success in a values-driven world of investment.

    View the Infographic

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