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The Agile Hedge Fund

Today, more than ever, your firm needs to be a master of transformation and agility. Even in a time of unprecedented crisis, you must be able to quickly adapt and diversify your offerings to generate alpha. But high trading volumes, volatile markets and new investment strategies all create risk, operational and reporting complexities that many systems simply can’t handle. If you want to stay ahead of the markets, you need technology that can enable your agility.

FIS is leading the way for hedge funds. Our flexible and resilient front-to-back office technology opens new markets and streamlines your operations. And our managed services let you minimize operational risk while retaining full control.

Whatever the market brings, and when agility matters most, we free you to focus on what your investors want: exceptional returns.

Outside-the-Box Thinking for Agile Hedge Funds

Explore our insights and ideas for hedge funds that want to grow despite unprecedented challenges.


Five Ways Hedge Funds Can Redefine Risk

Explore our hedge fund risk management tip sheet and discover new ideas for adapting in a changing world.

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Agility Uncovered with Managed Services

Learn why hedge funds are exploring managed services models to increase their agility and success.

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Manage Credit Strategies with Cost-Effective, Agile Services

See how to boost your efficiency and diversify into credit without being hampered by complexity.

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Why Hedge Funds Rely on FIS

Explore our solutions and services that are boosting hedge funds’ efficiency and agility, even in unprecedented times.


Explore FIS’ Solutions for Hedge Funds

Get to know FIS’ solutions and services for hedge funds that are designed to help you find your potential with agility.

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Discover our new solution designed specifically for start-up and mid-tier funds

With FIS’ Front Arena Select for Hedge Funds, you can optimize the full trade lifecycle.

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Explore FIS’ Operations as a Service for Hedge Funds

FIS’ Operations as a Service is a fully hosted, integrated front-, middle- and back-office platform complete with a menu of managed services.

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Succeeding with Credit

Credit strategies are on the rise. What does it take to succeed with this complex asset class?

The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus is top of mind for many. The safety and protection of our FIS colleagues is our priority, and we’re also fully committed to our clients. So, we’re adapting so that you can continue to rely on our proven, flexible and accessible solutions. Watch our brief video to see how we’re helping our clients deliver critical projects remotely.

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