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Harness Agility to Grow

Faced with pervasive fee compression, increased competition to raise assets, and an ongoing battle to compete with an ever-growing low-cost passive fund industry, hedge fund managers need to be able to harness agility to capture opportunities for growth.

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Outside-the-Box Thinking for
Agile Hedge Funds

Explore our insights and ideas for hedge funds that want to grow despite unprecedented challenges.


Hedge Fund Masters of Agility

New insights on how to stay agile during these challenging times.

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Hedge Fund Risk Redefined

Explore our hedge fund risk management playbook and discover new ideas for adapting in a changing world.

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Where the Alpha Lies

Hear industry experts discussing advantages of the current market dislocation in this webinar replay from HFM and FIS.

Why Hedge Funds Rely on FIS

Explore our solutions and services that are boosting hedge funds’ efficiency, agility and ultimately their growth.


FIS’ Hedge Fund Services

Get to know FIS’ solutions and services for hedge funds that are designed to help you find your potential with agility.

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FIS Select Porfolio and Order Management

Optimize the hedge fund trade lifecycle with FIS' Front Arena Select.

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Virtus from FIS Glide

Learn about Glide, the Virtus from FIS solution for hedge funds involved in CLOs.

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