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Let’s Reimagine Banking and Payments Better

While the future of banking is uncertain, digital is sure to play a key role. From offering an engaging customer experience, to participating in a flourishing ecosystem that is open, real time and cloud native whilst boosting innovation and agility. The time is now to reimagine better technology, better innovation and better experiences.

An Engaging Modern Banking Experience

Within the “new normal”, bank customers want digital services more than ever. This brings challenge and opportunity. Here you can learn how to digitalize, transform and get ahead of the competition.

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Bounce Back with Modern Banking

Covid-19 has changed customer behavior forever. Learn how to succeed in a world that craves digital banking services.

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Why Digital is No Longer Optional

Why you must move beyond solutions and adopt a unified platform to build customer loyalty and enduring success.

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Moving off the Mainframe

Although it may be hard to imagine a world without mainframes, many banks are approaching a tipping point. Why?

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FIS and Modern Digital Banking: News and Views

In the words of famed singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, “The Times, They Are A Changing.” Read on to discover how pricing models are changing and emerging, both in terms of consumer behavior in general, and for the banking industry in particular.

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December 3, 2020

The Race to Real Time: Why the Clock Is Ticking

November 12, 2020

What does it really mean to be a challenger bank?

October 29, 2020

Interpreting an Infinite Mindset in Modern Core Banking

October 15, 2020

Banking as a Service: Competition Meets Collaboration in the Age of Value Networks
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