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Modern technology is providing institutions with opportunities that expand well beyond traditional financial services. As part of digital banking transformation, financial institutions can process data and engage with consumers in ways never before possible. Watch this interview by The Financial Brand to understand the importance of a modern banking platform, and how to plan for success.

Banking’s Digital Transformation

The Modern Banking Platform Assessment

In the latest season of the Financial Futures podcast, FIS experts explore banking’s digital transformation and what this trend actually means for banks, consumers and communities. Make sure you’re ready for real-time banking and hear the latest trends for retail lending and commercial banking.

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Episode 1

Why Transform Commercial Banking?

Thanks to digitalization efforts, commercial banks have weathered the pandemic. Listen to Brian McCumber discuss commercial banking priorities in a digital age.

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Episode 2

Are Banks Ready for Real-time?

How will the next generation bank? In this episode, Matt Lessig explains how banking technology and infrastructures have evolved over time, and why banks should invest in real-time banking solutions.

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Episode 3

Retail Lending in a Digital Reality

For retail lenders, consumers are dictating the pace of change. Hear Andrew Beatty, SVP, Next Generation Banking, explore trends in retail lending in a digital era.

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FIS and Modern Digital Banking: News and Views

In the words of famed singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, “The Times, They Are A Changing.” Read on to discover how pricing models are changing and emerging, both in terms of consumer behavior in general, and for the banking industry in particular.

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June 23, 2022

Bank Branch Transformation: Finding the Right Mix

May 19, 2022

The ESG Revolution: The Role of Technology

May 05, 2022

Green Finance Explored and Explained

April 18, 2022

Banking as a Service: A Fast and Economic Route to Market.

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