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FIS knows no two bank modernization journeys are alike. Get our eBook to learn how you can identify the modernization options that empower you to address your most pressing business priorities, while transforming incrementally, at the pace you choose.

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With core modernization, there's a lot to consider. You need the right technology that empowers you to perform now and in an uncertain future. And to stay ahead of the competition, you need the flexibility to deliver new functionally quickly and at scale. How will you manage all these moving parts? You need a trusted partner that’s committed to your success. Modern Banking Platform heralds a new era in banking technology and is proven in some of the world’s toughest banking markets.

Why Modernize?

Modernization is a unique chance to show customers you care. A componentized core transformation empowers you to deliver customer value quicker, more cost-effectively and at lower risk.

Discover how we can help you align digital transformation with customer delight.

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Confirm the Opportunity

Learn how to craft a strong business case for modernization to establish momentum and gain stakeholder commitment.

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Now is the Time to Modernize Your Core

Most banks realize that, in order to compete, they must change. Now is the time to invest to help you answer the crucial question, “What’s next?”

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Five Benefits of Making the Move to Real-Time

How can the move to real-time processing benefit not only your customers, but your bank as well?

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Your Unique Modern Banking Ecosystem

Successful modernization empowers you to seize the revolutionary benefits of open banking. Choose the components you need to succeed and move ahead in the new real-time financial ecosystem.

Discover how the FIS Modern Banking can empower your unique modernization journey with a targeted approach that aligns with your business objectives and overall strategy now, and in the future. Modernize at the pace you choose, incrementally, based on your priorities.


Build a Better Bank

Discover how you can build a bank that’s agile, customer centric and future proof.

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Modern Banking Platform

Understand the transformational potential of the FIS Modern Banking Platform.


Transform Commercial Banking

Digitalization has been dominated by retail, but commercial banking is just as important.

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