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Discover cloud. Welcome to a new day in the way technology is designed, managed and deployed. With cloud you can reduce costs, boost agility and leverage the power of data to become truly customer centric.

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Why Cloud?

Cloud is about how you do computing, not where. Learn about the cloud’s transformational potential and be empowered to do new things and to do things better.


Moving off the Mainframe

Although it may be hard to imagine a world without mainframes, many banks are approaching a tipping point. Why?

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Why You Need to Break Away from Your Mainframe

Mainframes have driven banking success for many decades. But, the arrival of cloud means you need to do things differently. Discover how componentization offers a smooth path from mainframe to microservices.

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Core Banking Pricing Paradigms are Changing with the Times

Discover how pricing models are changing and emerging, both in terms of consumer behavior in general, and for the banking industry in particular.

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