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Do You Have Credit Covered?

We see more and more private equity firms moving into credit, but do you have what you need to succeed with this notoriously complex asset class?

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Opportunities to Adapt and Succeed with Credit Through the Current Turmoil.

The credit market is seeing huge activity, in part due to large price drops driven by the COVID-19 crisis. Private equity and debt managers are responding by launching new credit funds or opening SMAs.

But private credit is an opaque asset class, making it difficult to navigate. So, if you want to succeed, you need the best operating models and solutions, coupled with expertise and services that reduce operational workload and use robust risk management techniques.

Virtus from FIS brings it all together so that you can take advantage of the alpha-generating opportunities today’s volatile markets present.

Push Through with Credit

In these uncertain times, credit could be a key to thriving for the long term. Are you equipped to make the most of this attractive strategy?


How to uncomplicate loan trade settlements

As the credit space becomes more attractive to PE firms looking to diversify, they’re confronting a complex trade settlement process.

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Succeeding with Credit

Credit strategies are on the rise. What does it take to succeed with this complex asset class?

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A Credit Strategy is Possible

Private equity professionals who have diversified into credit know how complex the process can be. But, does it have to be so challenging?

Empowering You to Capitalize on Credit

See how Virtus from FIS is empowering our clients to capitalize on credit, even during uncertain times.


Client Story: Outsourcing Credit Fund Operations

Virtus from FIS was the right BPaaS partner to help this client launch a credit strategy with agility.

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Time to Streamline Your Direct Lending Platform?

Combining cutting-edge technology, deep domain knowledge and unparalleled customer service, Virtus from FIS has direct lending covered.

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