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Placing capital in the
digital age

For the last year or so, the focus has been on managing the existing portfolio and assessing the risk of geopolitical and economic factors. Fund raising is still performing, so there are continuous inflows of capital in search of alpha.

The investor profile is changing as well. And as more people see private capital as a growth opportunity, there’s more competition to service them.

You have to act fast to capture the influx of money. But there are several challenges standing in your way.


  • WHAT

    Which five things should you look for in a private capital technology partner?

    A technology solution can offer numerous benefits to your business, from advanced functionality to a better user experience. But not all technology partners are alike – so what should you focus on when embarking on the selection process?

    From the need for scalability to the importance of a robust and user-friendly investor portal, our new tip sheet outlines the top five things you should be looking for to meet your firm’s needs, both today and in the future.

  • WHY

    Which three technology trends make it easier to place capital?

    When it comes to decisions about where to place capital, technology plays a vital role in helping you make faster and better decisions. And in today’s market, technology is evolving rapidly – so it’s important to keep up to date with the latest developments.

    Our new trend sheet reveals three trends that can help you place capital more effectively – from emerging technologies like machine learning and predictive analytics to the role data hubs can play in helping firms centralize data and reporting.

  • HOW

    How Can You Harness Technology To Place Capital More Effectively?

    Private capital firms often struggle to get the information and insights they need to make the best decisions. Meanwhile, as new investors begin to invest more in private capital, they will need detailed portfolio information to satisfy their reporting and compliance needs.

    Read our latest blog to find out how solutions that offer a frictionless flow of data can help you make better decisions, place capital more effectively, and give investors the transparency they are looking for.


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