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Why You Can’t Transform Your Business Without Resilient Technology

Operational challenges, legacy systems, batch derivatives processing and running operations in house all increase costs, inefficiencies and risk. Recent market volatility has only made those challenges bigger. As market participants review their business and technology models, they’re realizing that they need resilient technology if they’re going to compete and survive.

Discover how volume-tested technology, cross-asset capabilities and ever-expanding functional coverage can help you modernize your post-trade core processes.


  • WHAT

    Discover the changing face of derivatives

    How have increased volumes and volatility impacted the industry’s measures for success? We surveyed more than 0 firms around the world to discover where sell-side firms will invest in to succeed in 2021 – and what is holding them back.

    Download our infographic to assess whether your strategy is holding you back or accelerating your growth. From advanced technology like machine learning to new outsourcing models and managed services, you’ll get a better understanding of whether you’re making the right investments for the future.

  • WHY

    Time to transform your cleared derivatives system

    You are facing surging costs, sluggish revenues, unrelenting regulation and aging post trade technology. And you are still putting off an upgrade of your cleared derivatives system? The payoff might be worth it and include efficiency gains and future-proofing of your derivatives operations.

    Discover 3 ways to improve your derivatives clearing and what to look for including intuitive, workflow-based processes and the option of hosted, managed services.

  • HOW

    Can Capital Markets Transform? Should It?

    Reliability and consistent performance were at the forefront of the financial industry for a number of years. When the derivatives market felt the impact from volume spikes with the focus on quick and efficient high-transaction volumes processing, resiliency was arguably on everyone’s lips.

    The industry not only survived but is thriving and embracing new processes – the demand for cloud, managed services and outsourcing has accelerated to solve scale, cybersecurity and resilience concerns. Will this trend continue? Gain different industry perspectives from experts from Barclays, PwC and Virtus.

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