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Eliminate Your Limitations

It seems like margins have been stuck in neutral forever, making it nearly impossible to gain budgetary approval for much-needed technology upgrades. Meanwhile, your firm is devoting too many resources to routine tasks and not enough to strategies for growth.

That’s why your post-trade technology investments must pay for themselves right from the start, and that’s not as impossible as it sounds.

Part one of the solution calls for a modular, AI-powered approach that allows you to incrementally automate activities from the front office to the back. Part two involves identifying non-strategic activities that can better be managed by a BPaaS partner with advanced solutions and proven expertise.

In a hypercompetitive environment, firms can’t win new clients or new business without lower operating costs.

–Jennifer Hanes, SVP, Division Executive, Head of Go-to-Market, Capital Markets, FIS

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The 2020 volume peak further confirmed our strategy to invest for the long term in robust technological and operational capabilities. FIS has been a trusted and reliable partner for many years, and we are today excited to expand our partnership by taking advantage of the extended technological and functional capabilities of the FIS Cleared Derivatives Suite. This 10 year agreement is, for our clients and market partners, a clear testament of BNP Paribas’ long-term commitment to providing the best of service and to invest in new technology.

Gaspard Bonin, Deputy Head of Derivatives Execution & Clearing at BNP Paribas.

Consolidate, Automate, Modernize and Grow

  • WHAT

    The time is now: consolidate your vendors

    Despite tight budgets, or maybe because of them, resourceful firms are finding ways to modernize without the huge payout, long timeframe and inevitable business disruptions of an all-out conversion.

    The trend sheet details the fact that progressive firms are eliminating ancillary vendors and consolidating operations with a single technology partner – one that brings them a fully unified and automated front-to-back-office platform at a more affordable modular pace.

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  • WHY

    You can’t grow when your full attention is riveted on operational details

    In a recent survey*, more than one-third of executives rated their post-trade operations as inefficient – a result of the bolt-on mindset that has long kept point solution providers thriving. Along with inefficiency, the multi-provider approach has left too much room for risk.

    With money pouring into tasks that simply keep transactions moving, there’s little left for expanding product coverage, services and client segments. Find out more about why vendor consolidation, modularization and BPaaS is helping firms reach their strategic goals

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    *Source May 2021 Acuiti Report, Increasing Efficiency in Cleared Derivatives Post-trade Technology

  • HOW

    New Markets, Cryptocurrencies and the Changing Derivatives Game

    Regulations and support of new products including Bitnomial trading are new challenges in the derivatives industry. How will we integrate crypto currencies alongside existing asset classes and how can traditional middle and back office vendors support them? We shed light on buy- and sell-side side reconciliation challenges and the future of reconciliation, including exchange support for emerging markets. Is the future one integrated platform?

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