What if You Could Work Smarter and Get Paid Faster?

Eighty-nine percent of receivables professionals feel digital technology is important. With ever-increasing collections volumes and economic uncertainty due to the pandemic, digital technology can help improve cash flow and manage collections and credit risk.

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Companies view the management of working capital, particularly accounts receivable, as an important measure of their financial health. Credit and collections departments play a critical role by bringing cash into the organization. How can you do that more effectively?


Digital Tech Accelerating

Accelerating your move to digital can help you navigate through the pandemic to 2021 and beyond.

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4 Ways to Improve Cash Flow

Explore the four ways that digital tech such as AI and full process automation can improve cash flow.

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The Impact of AI on Collections

Hear how AI can strengthen the collections process to help companies get paid faster.

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Work Smarter and Get Paid Faster

See how our digital technology, combined with the latest advanced technologies like AI, is driving improvements across the credit-to-cash cycle and preparing our clients for future growth.


Get Paid Faster

GETPAID can help drive automation, workflow and AI across credit-to-cash.

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Rexel Canada Drives Results

Learn how Rexel Canada leveraged technology to reduce DSO and past-due A/R.

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