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Can RegTech Solve Trading Compliance?

Today’s regulatory landscape has become increasingly complex. Overlapping regulations – from anti-money laundering rules (AML), Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) and Reg BI, to OTC reform and LIBOR transition – are causing firms to rethink their approach to risk. Traditional, compartmentalized and resource-intensive technology compliance models are incapable of promoting the visibility needed to eliminate the blind spots.

With the right blend of technologies and services, a comprehensive RegTech ecosystem will provide the visibility you need to combat, control and lower your regulatory and compliance costs. You can ensure better insights into your risk and compliance with streamlined solutions.

Banking industry investment priorities


liquidity risk and/or credit risk tools


greater use of managed services and cloud

Source: 2020 FIS Readiness Report


  • WHAT

    AML Combat and Control is Good Business
    One of the most difficult crimes to detect in financial services is money laundering. Find out how AI can help.

    By recent estimates, $800B to $2T is laundered globally. Money laundering is just too difficult to detect given the gaps between systems and inefficient manual processes. AI has emerged as the best answer for reducing false positives by as much as 85%, helping institutions to to spot outliers and monitor watch points across data sets.

    Check out our trend sheet on AI’s contribution to AML.

    Combat Fraud Now
  • WHY

    A New Approach to AML

    Anti-money laundering (AML) is on the increase. An enormous amount of AML and regulatory scrutiny is coming to the fore in 2021. All too often, the status quo is inadequate: reporting is largely manual, alerts aren’t frequent enough, and firms rely on a grab bag of old school, rules-based systems that are scattered across the organization. The result is slow, wasteful and risky. With FIS you can improve your AML.

    A new approach to AML
  • HOW

    See How RegTech Can Support Growth

    What if you could solve multiple regulatory challenges with one partner? Take a strategic approach to regulation and trading compliance and solve your regulatory problems with a frictionless approach.

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