Plan sponsors, investors and advisors are more sophisticated. They demand more self-service, digital delivery and diverse investment options. They need to offer innovative tools and services as investors expect you to create and deliver them.

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Modernization is the Path Forward

Retirement plan providers face a stark reality. Plan sponsors, investors and advisors are more sophisticated. They expect more self-service, more digital and multi-channel delivery, and more diverse investment options. To differentiate yourself, you need to move from a transaction-based model to delivering a relationship-based experience.

As silos break down, you need to transform to deliver interconnected experiences across the investor lifecycle. This requires new service models, new business models and new loyalty models. You need to deliver customer journeys that span all dimensions by creating a dynamic retirement ecosystem to engage, connect and transact in a secure environment.

Top Strategies for Retirement Providers over Next 12 months


make operational efficiencies


increase client retention

Source: FIS 2021 Readiness Report


  • WHAT

    What if you could reimagine retirement?

    The retirement industry is undergoing significant disruption. Transformations in digital intelligence are raising expectations for an on-demand, personalized, intuitive user experience that is simple and secure.

    To differentiate yourself, you must shift from a transaction-based model to delivering a relationship-based experience. Watch our video to learn more.

  • WHY

    Why digitalize your retirement ecosystem?

    The Retirement industry’s margins are shrinking, but competition and investor expectations are increasing. Retirement plan providers must provide the tools and services to plan sponsors, investors and advisors to make them stand out. But outdated technology, inefficient operations and resource management stand in the way – and require significant funding.

    To simplify these challenges, here are 10 reasons why retirement plan providers must embrace digital.

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  • HOW

    Three steps to new growth for retirement plan providers

    Plan providers are looking for ways to transform their business models, boosting growth and profits, while staying focused on the user experience.

    Disruption will define this decade. The market will keep evolving, new competitors will emerge, and the workplace will continue to morph. Technology will keep advancing, driving efficiency and innovation, but also increasing risk as cybersecurity fraud rises.

    Find out the challenges that leaders in the retirement industry face and the strategies they’ve adopted to solve them.

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