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In today’s uncertain economic environment, more variables than ever could affect your profit margins. Learn how an integrated approach to balance sheet management can help you test your business plans holistically and understand interdependent risks.

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Complete Your View of Risk

You’re under pressure to increase your earnings. A complete view of the balance sheet, from both the top down and the bottom up, is the smartest way to start.

Because that allows you to start driving a more consistent approach to stress testing, capital planning and scenario analysis. It’s now easier for the whole bank to simulate the impacts of stresses on profitability, liquidity and solvency, get early warning signs of threats and work together to steer the balance sheet.

With a holistic approach to balance sheet management, you can also significantly improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. Shouldn’t you give your profits a better chance to grow all around?

Banking industry investment priorities


Risk management capabilities


Greater use of managed services and cloud

Source: 2021 FIS Readiness Report


  • WHAT

    Weigh up your balance sheet management challenges.

    You need to streamline your operations in the face of ever-growing market and regulatory pressure. And one area that’s especially ripe for rationalization is the all-important discipline of balance sheet management.

    Our Q&A dissects traditional strategies for steering the balance sheet and managing its assets and liabilities. What are the main problems with a siloed, highly manual approach – and how are the most innovative banks actively advancing their risk data management and modeling processes?

    Read the Q&A for all the answers.

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  • WHY

    See why integrated stress tests are a new differentiator.

    As well as being important tools for compliance, stress tests are now proving their worth as a route to competitive advantage. And the more integrated the tests and scenario models, the better for your balance sheet.

    Read our blog to learn why banks are beginning to see the business value of an integrated approach to stress testing and balance sheet management.

    You’ll understand the importance of breaking down silos between bank departments – not only to support consistent calculations, but also to reduce costs and capture dependencies between different risk types. And along the way, get tips on how to improve your business model, your margins and your own competitive edge.

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  • HOW

    Get strategic about balance sheet management.

    Continued economic uncertainty, low interest rates and ever-growing regulatory requirements are taking their toll on the balance sheet. And in the face of a highly interdependent set of risks, you need to carefully calibrate your next move.

    Learn how to strategize for success with our tip sheet. Discover the eight key features that will future-proof your balance sheet management platform – and explore innovative new ways to optimize your risk/return profile and solve margin pressure.

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