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Risk just got real. More than ever, banks need an overarching view of their liquidity, profitability and capital to help them better manage the balance sheet and make profitable strategic decisions. Can you see the risks ahead from every angle?

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The pressure is on for banks to increase their earnings. A complete view of the balance sheet, from both the top down and the bottom up, is the smartest way to start.

Now, you can start driving a more consistent approach to stress testing, capital planning and scenario analysis. That makes it easier for the whole bank to simulate the impacts of stresses on profitability, liquidity and solvency, get early warning signs of threats and work together to steer the balance sheet.

With a holistic approach to balance sheet management, you can also significantly improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. So, why not find out more – and give your profits a better chance to grow all around?

Banking industry investment priorities


Liquidity risk and/or credit risk tools


Greater use of managed services and cloud

Source: 2020 FIS Readiness Report


  • WHAT

    Ease pressure on your margins with a whole new approach.

    When you’re looking to move forward, it helps to be honest about where you’re coming from and whether you’re ready to take the next step. There’s a lot at stake in balance sheet management, so you need to understand what could be holding you back from a modern, more cost-effective operating model.

    Assess your sticking points now by taking our quick interactive quiz. Find out what you need to make your operations fit for purpose – and get expert recommendations along the way.

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  • WHY

    Understand the importance of advanced analytics.

    With margins under new pressure from the pandemic and a steadily growing emphasis on ESG, it’s never been more important for banks to understand stresses on – and opportunities for – the balance sheet. In an age of uncertainty and evolution, you need advanced insight.

    Our blog post explains why a new generation of risk analytics is ideally suited to times of unexpected stress. Read it now and learn how fast, top-down analysis of the banking book can help better manage profitability through both a crisis and long-term change.

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  • HOW

    Get more from the balance sheet with an integrated, consistent approach.

    It’s now more critical than ever to squeeze as much profit as you can from your balance sheet. But how can you be sure you’re making optimal use of your liquidity and capital resources?

    Read our tip sheet for expert advice on making projections, capturing impacts and meeting regulatory demands. Learn why integrated processes are key to improving both top and bottom-line performance.

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