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Rethink your capital sourcing strategy with smarter technology and improve your access to your data, transparency in reporting and the security of your information.


Why Does Going Digital Matter?

At a time when social distancing, travel bans and a globally distributed workforce is the norm, accelerating your digital transformation should be a priority.

Investors demand new levels of access to information, and general partners must respond.

The more transparent a private capital firm can be with its investors, the greater the capital allocations it will attract. LPs need clarity on performance, access to advanced data visualizations and analytics, and secure ways to share information.

Aside from obvious benefits of modern investor communications and servicing, GPs who provide digital data access through a community leading platform also gain an edge in marketing to their investors.

Capital Markets Investment Priorities


Of investors aren’t confident that alternative fund managers have adequate cybersecurity policies and procedures

Source: EY – 2020 Global Private Equity Survey


Of asset managers say modernizing client-facing systems is their top priority over the next 12 months

Source: The 2020 FIS Readiness Report

Are your investor communications ready for digital?

  • WHAT

    What if investor demands for more transparency and faster reporting are challenging?

    Private capital firms are rethinking their sourcing strategies by accelerating digital. They’re prioritizing investor servicing and communications in order to attract capital allocations.

    A compelling digital portal will help you meet the needs of your investors, modernize your communications, enhance your brand and futureproof your approach to sourcing capital.

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  • WHY

    Why do I need to improve my data access?

    Investors continue to press for clarity on their investments.

    Put yourself in your investors’ shoes. They require greater clarity and enhanced reporting whether the future is virtual, face to face or a hybrid version. However, investor meetings are never going to be the same, and many firms are embracing the efficiency gains from the disruption over the last 12 months.

    An exceptional digital portal with advanced visualizations and analytics plus an intuitive investor experience will attract quality investors, streamline onboarding and make the best first impression.

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  • HOW

    How do I benefit from digitizing my investor communications?

    With new levels of information being requested and shared at the marketing and servicing phase, it is important to make a great first impression. Future-ready private capital managers are investing in smarter technology to ensure they’re on the best footing possible.

    Imagine an investor looking at their investments across a number of general partners – one provides all the information in hard copy or email attachments (e.g. spreadsheets and pdfs), the other utilizes technology to host all the information in one place, demonstrating how they do business. The advantages span both general partners and limited partners.

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